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Six Drinks to Stay Hydrated This Summer

The summer months in India can often be grueling to most of us with temperatures soaring into the 40s on the Celsius scales. Hence, hydration is of the utmost importance with h2o being the main choice here. However, there are a few other options one may choose that does add a little more drama to our liquid intake during these hot months.

man drinking water


Not part of our list, drama or not, h2o has to be the number one choice here. The dominance of this liquid in our lives is ridiculous to say the least. Think of the fact that a human being can live without food for over a week, but will barely survive a couple of days without drinking water. A glass of clean drinking water from a purifier like Livpure water purifiers makes all the difference after a long tiring day. The remainder of this list has to do with the amount of h2o available in them, for them to actually be on this list. Does one need to explain anymore? Water ladies and gentlemen, water is your go to savior and should never be sidelined. Let’s get into our list now:

coconut water

Coconut water:

Ah yes, this is an easy one on the list. Coconut trees grow extremely well in hot environments and are a staple in such climates. On a hot day, stop at your nearest coconut vendor, gulp down the magical liquid, and the point here would be well-proven to you. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes which are minerals in our bodies which allow better blood circulation and help transmit nervous system messages. Coupled with the ease of availability, coconut water is often thought of as a god-send.

Lemon Water:

Lemon water or limbu pani in our neck of the world is self explanatory. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water, drink, and watch the smile erupt on your face. The benefits here are never ending with hydration being key once again. Lemon water also is a great source of vitamin C as well as helping our bodies with weight watching, skin quality, digestion, and prevention of kidney stones. This drink is another easily accessible beverage that is staple all across our country and will hopefully always remain so.



Buttermilk or Chaas as known in India is a yummy beverage served in a number of restaurants across the country. The drink can be bought at general stores too with some major brands selling their version of this ancient liquid. The best type though, would indeed be the homemade healthily prepared option over the packaged type, which is fair to say. Buttermilk is rich in calcium, provides essential nutrients and vitamins, prevents dehydration, fights constipation, and is a brilliant opponent to acidity. Once again, a staple in most of India, buttermilk is a great drink for the summer months.

chia seeds water

Chia Seeds Water:

The superfood of today’s day and age, Chia seeds, are growing in their popularity by the minute. These little gems have a host of health benefits in regards to everything life may throw. Hydration is covered too, with these seeds being able to absorb nearly thirty times their weight in h2o, almost stockpiling the liquid within our bodies. This allows us to stay hydrated for long periods of time, even when putting our bodies under stressful activities such as working out. Chia seeds do this by monitoring body fluid levels as well as preserving electrolytes, both of which are necessary for hydration.

watermelon juice

Watermelon juice:

Fruit juices. I am sure you all were wondering where this point was. While fruit juices are healthy, not all of them are ideal for hydration. An orange juice is brilliant for those essential vitamins, watermelons really stand out when it comes to hydration. The name says it all, to be fair watermelons have a ton of water content within and the same cannot be said about other members of the fruit family. Maybe tomatoes and cucumbers, but then the argument of whether they are a fruit or a vegetable might be taxing for all of us (they are listed in both categories officially).

power drink


Ok, this is a difficult one. Here I speak of Gatorade and not other energy beverages such as Red Bull and Monster Energy. The latter two and their likes, play no role in hydration and neither do they claim to. Gatorade does claim this as the product has additional electrolytes and carbohydrates. The opportune time for indulging in this beverage is when playing a sport or doing an intense activity. Gatorade is by no means a substitute to the above list and is not recommended to be so, but, during a sporting game it is the easiest way to get a little energy boost and re-hydration.

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