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Sleeping Naked: 7 Benefits of Going Commando While Sleeping

The thought of going commando while sleeping might never come to your mind. However, did you know that there are numerous benefits to sleeping naked? We all know the effect of restful sleep on our overall health and mind. Effective and deep sleep plays a key role in recharging and rejuvenating the body after a …

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Cuddling and Serotonin Correlation

The yearn for ‘feeling good’ is one of the most natural needs for every living organism in existence. Caused by neurotransmitters within most beings, the emotion of happiness is brought about by a variety of acts and situations. The official scientific name given to the said neurotransmitter is serotonin, which to be defined in more …

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7 Best Ways to Sleep Well and Beat Winter Tiredness

Winters can be difficult, especially in the mornings. You just want to sleep and snuggle into your bed during those gloomy mornings and snooze away, not wanting to work during the day. But this only delays your regular routine, as you just cannot stay in bed all the time. Here are some tips to beat …

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Livpure Sleep Comforter- Your Cozy Partner

During winters, most of us use a room heater to keep ourselves warm. Tropical areas do not even need heaters. But whatever the situation is, in the night when our body temperatures dip and you are asleep, you always stretch out to find a cover-up for yourself. Livpure’s Reversible Comforter is the perfect partner for …

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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Comforter

Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Comforter

Everyone has their idea of perfect bedding, a sleeping space that will help indulge in a good night’s sleep. Winters are here, and the snugglier the bed is, the better you will sleep. What is a Comforter? Comforters are lighter in weight than blankets made with wool, silk, cotton, or polyester filling. They keep you …

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How to Clean Comforter

How to Clean Comforter

These days, especially due to the homebound times, it is likely you are spending more time in bed than usual, so it is time to clean your bedding and comforter. And no with no intentions to shame, but you almost certainly can’t remember the last time you probably did. When we think of a comforter, …

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Livpure Sleep launches #HoliNight Sale

This Holi, are you looking to give a little something to make your dear one’s sleep better and more luxurious? Or are you just looking to give your bedroom a makeover for the Holi festivities, or just for the arrival of springtime?  We ask you not to look beyond Livpure, where we have a wide …

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Hypersomnia: Causes and Effects

Hypersomnia means excessive sleepiness or excessive daytime sleepiness. There are multiple reasons you could have it, the most common being inadequate or poor quality sleep at night. A few factors that affect sleep at night are stressful nature of work, family demands, exam stress, pressures of social life, or underlying health problems like sleep disorders, …

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