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Dr Rachna Khanna Singh

How Does Work Stress Affect Your Sleep?

When we think about stress, we often define it as a negative emotion experienced by our body due to facing a challenge with the environmental and internal stressors around and within us. Therefore, it is not wrong to define stress as an emotional reaction that is caused at a time of extreme brain activity. However, …

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Horrors of Parasomnias

In parasomnias, there are unexpected and unpleasant bodily sensations that cause sleep disruption. These are disturbing for you and the ones who share a bed with you. It causes conflict between people and can result in poor sleep quality.  What is Parasomnias? Undesirable behaviours that people experience before sleeping are known as Parasomnias. These behaviours …

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Women suffering from sleep disorder

10 Scary Sleep Disorders

Wasn’t sleep supposed to be peaceful? Yet when you experience sleep disorders, getting rest is the last thing on your mind. Catching on to a good night’s sleep might be tricky when you have a sleep disorder. Here we have curated a list of the “10 most terrifying sleep disorders” one encounters due to several …

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Healthy circadian rhythm-Livpure Sleep

How to Maintain a Healthy Circadian Rhythm?

While we are going through these harsh and unsettling times, Washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing are becoming a norm. But we are forgetting one very important aspect of staying healthy, healing, and restoring- good sleep. Good sleep in fact helps us increase our immunity and resilience towards any kind of sickness. With our …

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How Long Can You Stay Awake Without Sleep

Deadlines, side hustles, staying up all night watching cat videos, a newborn, insomnia- there are many reasons people aren’t sleeping the required number of hours every night. Around seven to nine percent of adults suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation means you don’t get enough sleep. Most adults need seven to nine hours every …

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Sleep Disorders in Rainy Season

Sleep Disorders in Rainy Season

You probably would have heard people say that they sleep like a baby once the rainy season starts. A number of your friends might even opt to nap when it rains because the smell and the drizzling sounds comfort them. But for some people, the opposite happens. What if the rainy season does not work? …

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Reasons why people sleep less in summer?

Reasons Why People Sleep Less in Summer?

Humans are wired to sleep after the sun sets and wake when it rises. Our body clock uses light and darkness to regulate sleep. Exposure to light stimulates the realm within the brain that regulates hormones like melatonin and blood heat. This, in turn, affects whether we feel sleepy or awake. Melatonin increases sleepiness, and …

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