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The Advantages Of Using A UV Lamp In An RO Water Purifier’s Storage Tank

UV or ultraviolet treatments are a chemical-free process. The dangers of handling chemicals are quite significant and cause harm to the body if not handled properly and ingested. The most common disinfectant is chlorine which can lead to harm if ingested by the body.

Many water purifiers prefer to use Ultraviolet as a disinfection process as it is almost immediate. The main advantage of using a UV lamp in the storage tank is quite evident.

Water rests in the storage tank for quite some time. This is when contamination is possible in the water. Even with the entry of microorganisms, the UV rays render them harmless and keep your water safe to drink. This helps you because you can consume the water without emptying the storage tank even if you are back from a long vacation and the water has been stored for some time.

Let us talk about the process a UV filter uses to disinfect water:

  • Treated water enters a flow chamber that flows around the UV lamp.
  • The germ’s exposure to the UV lamp/light reduces its capability of multiplying thus rendering them harmless
  • The disinfected water now enters your tap and is ready to drink.

It is quite a simple and effective process. UV water purifiers have many advantages, making them a perfect fit for purifying water at home.

Water Purifier

  • Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier ₹25,190.00
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Benefits of UV water purifiers

Below is a list of advantages you as a buyer should investigate.

  1. A high disinfection rate: Consistency in disinfection is something that you can expect from a UV water purifier. Under ideal conditions, most UV water purifiers can kill 99.99% of germs in the water.
  2. Chemical-free: Water that flows through a UV water purifier does not encounter any chemicals. This ensures that the purity of the water is maintained. The water generally passes through only the outer box and quartz sleeve in water purifiers.
  3. Taster and odor: Due to a chemical-free process, the composition of the water is not affected, and this helps maintain the same taste and odor that you might be used to in your home.
  4. Energy efficiency: It does not cost much to run a water purifier. Some compare it to the cost of running a lightbulb in your house. The main component that draws power is only the UV light bulb.
  5. Cost effective: The maintenance of the RO is relatively inexpensive. The only significant replacements are the bulb and the quartz sleeve.
  6. Eco-friendly: A UV water purifier does not generate any waste. It also does not give off any sediments in the water that is processed or treated.
  7. No moving parts: A very simple mechanism is used in the functioning of a UV water purifier. This ensures longevity and a reduced risk of breaking down. This helps minimize the need for long-term maintenance.
  8. Reduced damage: The pipes in a UV water purifier are expected to last much longer as they are not exposed to any chemicals. This ensures that corrosion does not take place and leaves sediments in the water.
  9. Instant disinfection: The UV light installed in the machine works almost instantly unlike some of its predecessors, there is no time lag between the water entering the purifier and clean water coming out.
  10. Compact: For most people, space is a constraint. The average UV water purifier is quite small compared to other purification devices. They are easy to install and move even if required.

There seem to be many advantages but, along with the advantages, there are also a few disadvantages for a UV water purifier. It is important to consider both before you decide to close on a particular product.

Disadvantages of UV water purifiers

Here are a few disadvantages of UV water purifiers:

  1. Suspended particles are not removed: Though a UV water purifier is great for killing bacteria and microorganisms in the water, it does not do anything else to clean out the suspended particles in the water that is cleansed.
  2. No improvement of taste and smell: UV purifiers do nothing to improve the aesthetics of the water. Pollutants do not get cleared by this type of water filter and additional filtration may be required if you have a polluted supply of water entering the house.
  3. Electricity: In power outages, the purifier stops functioning as the UV bulb needs electricity to function. Water will still pass through the unit as no pumps and other devices are used in this.
  4. A supply of clean water: For a UV water purifier to work effectively, a clean supply of water is needed. This will decrease the chance of finding suspended particles in the water after purification.

It is important to know that the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages of UV water purifiers but there is also another option available for you. Try looking at an RO UV water purifier. The price of RO water purifier and a UV water purifier is not far apart. The small upgrade will ensure safe drinking water for your home.

About Livpure

Livpure is a company that is known for its water purifiers. They have advanced UV sterilization methods and add essential minerals to the purified water to ensure clean and healthy drinking water.

Here are a few special features of their products:

  • Purification: the advanced seven-stage purification process ensures purity in the water
  • UV Sterilization: Once the water is purified and it is stored in the dispensing tank, it is under a UV light to ensure that no organisms contaminate the water while it is resting. This ensures that your water is safe to drink even when you return from a long holiday.
  • Copper Cartridge: Copper has been known to have magical properties for your health. The use of the cartridge enriches your water with healthy minerals.

This small upgrade to your home will ensure safe, clean, and healthy drinking water for you and your family always. So, what are you waiting for? Get a Livpure RO water purifier right away!