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7 tips to achieve a better posture

Correct body posture is something we overlook while doing our daily activities, Maybe we do care about our posture when we are walking or standing, but we easily avoid it while exercising or cooking. And hunching over our smartphones is not helping our postures at all these days. 

Posture can have a profound influence on how you are feeling, functioning, and affect your overall health. Including back training exercises in your workout regime to maintain proper posture should be a must as is ensuring that you’re staying consciously attentive to your stance throughout the day. There are many other ways to maintaining your posture as well. Let us see more about it.

Why Posture Is So Critical

Let us stop and consider why maintaining correct body posture is so critical to having good overall health. When the majority consider maintaining good posture, the primary reason that comes at them is solely to look more attractive.

But there’s way more to that than simply just looks. 

Using improved posture goes to influence a variety of things like your risk of experiencing lower back pain, your energy levels, your focus, and concentration, etc. If you are constantly in an extremely slouched position all day long and not using good posture, this often means that there is far less oxygen coming into the body and low levels of oxygen are one of the contributing factors to fatigue development. Therefore to assist your body to have a boosted energy level, proper posture is a must.

This will open up the lungs, allowing you to inhale more oxygen into the body, which then moves into the muscle and the brain cells, enhancing your overall level of energy. Additionally to the above, by using proper posture and keeping good spine alignment, you will be able to play any sports or conduct other activities better. Using good posture will cause you to be more stable on your feet, able to change directions quickly when needed, and make you flexible.

Tips to achieve better posture

Let us see how do you fix bad posture with regular tricks and tweaks in your lifestyle.

Daily Stretching and Yoga

Try to get some light stretches done into your daily work routine. These stretches don’t need to be intense or of professional level, but just enough to get your blood flowing throughout the day. There are certain stretches designed specifically for a work environment that can be done discreetly right at your desk. Getting in an afternoon exercise right on your desk has many perks. You can burn calories, reduce stress, and help your body recover from any accidental slouching throughout the day. Start by stretching your neck, arms, and feet. Moving your fingers will also reduce your desktop fatigue and lessen the risk of your limbs falling asleep. 

Doing yoga in the morning to start the day or before going to bed is also beneficial. You can try these poses for good postural benefits-

  • Child’s pose 
  • Forward fold 
  • Cat cow
  • Standing cat-cow
  • Chest opener
  • High plank
  • Side plank
  • Downward facing dog
  • Pigeon pose
  • Thoracic spine rotation 
  • Glute squeezes
  • Isometric rows

Changing your sleep position

Sleeping posture is vital to your postural health. And additionally, your sleeping position decides what kind of mattress you need to maintain a properly balanced posture while sleeping. A memory foam mattress, which is a good mattress for back pain, helps conform to your body to keep you supported throughout the night, helping your body keep a good sleep posture. Livpure’s Ortho X mattress is one of the finest memory foam mattresses on the market. When you sleep on it, you don’t have to worry about bad sleep or bad posture at all.

Exercising Regularly

When doing your regular workout sessions, make sure that you incorporate some exercises for the back muscles as well.  Good back muscle-building exercises include bent-over rows, pull-ups and lat pull-downs, single-arm rows, supermans, as well as reverse hyper-extensions. These will also strengthen the muscles that are required for keeping good posture, so you are less likely to suffer from fatigue when trying to maintain it.

Also be sure to perform some exercises to strengthen the core muscles of your body, as a strong core is also vital to good posture management.

Be aware of your posture while standing

Another way to practice good posture is to stand straight up against a wall and press your back into the wall.  This will help you establish whether you have a strong back going on, which could immediately mean there is an excessive amount of strain on your lower back. If you can fit more than a hand between your lower back and the wall, you need to be working on improving your posture.

Proper sitting posture during long working hours

While sitting for long hours, it is required that you keep a good sitting posture. A proper sitting posture in front of a computer is ideal for long hours, otherwise, you might suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain for a long time. Using a backrest pillow- Spyne, on your chair from Livpure will fix your sitting posture problems and give you long-term relief. 

Ideal neck position while sleeping 

Sleeping on a bad pillow can be a root cause of a lot of neck stiffness. An ideal pillow for neck pain depends on what your requirements are. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, a cervical pillow from Livpure can be perfect for you. You can also choose a memory foam or a microfiber pillow if your neck pain is not that bad, but you like to stay away from the stiffness. 

Avoid carrying heavy backpacks for long hours

Heavy bags can be a cause for your slouching or bad posture. A heavy backpack is often the leading cause of bad posture in school children. Heavy side bags and backpacks for long hours can cause long-term bad spinal alignment in adults as well. It is better to keep some weight off your regular backpack. Also, keep the backpack high on your back, and buy one with proper band support. 

What does Livpure offer you?

Orthox Mattress-Livpure Sleep

Livpure offers you a wide range of products you can choose from for achieving a perfect posture while you sit or sleep. Livpure Sleep’s OrthoX mattress is designed specially to give your back complete support while you sleep with the memory foam taking the shape of your body. 

Cervical Pillow- Livpure Sleep

Curve, a cervical pillow is a perfect companion for your neck while you sleep. The memory foam pillow comes with two contours on each side to use as per your convenience. The contours help you achieve a better posture while you sleep and also help reduce neck and spondylitis pain.


A good posture is key to better health and stamina. It also enables you to look more attractive and confident. These days, long working hours and no exercise is causing our body more harm than you can imagine. So, simple tweaks into your regular lifestyle show the key to good health and better stamina. Correct your posture today and say bye to your fatigue problems.