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Using Water Purifiers: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

The drinking water contamination level in India is quite high, especially in regions where the industries are closer to the water sources. In circumstances like these, it is essential to use the right water purifier that will ensure that the water you drink is healthy and clean.

Water Purifier

  • Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier ₹25,190.00
    Why Choose Livpure Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier? Ambient, Warm And Hot Water Options 20,000 L Water Saving 6 Stage Advanced Purification Taste Enhancer 6.5 Litre Storage Interactive LED Display PRODUCT SPECIAL FEATURES Constant Hot Water Supply Zinger Hot provides you with instant and constant hot water supply as per your requirement. HR Membrane The HR membrane in the hot water purifier gives you clean and healthy water from any source. Copper 29 Cartridge The water purifier comes with an inbuilt Copper 29 cartridge that adds the benefits of copper and gives you healthy water to drink. Interactive Touch Display The compact water purifier has the most advanced sleek design and also an interactive touch display where you can see updates about your RO. TDS Levels up to 1500 Borewell/Tap/Tanker Source Hot and Warm Water Drinking WHY IS DRINKING HOT WATER GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH? Drinking hot water is known to have its own health benefits. Some of the reasons you should drink hot water are: Helps improve central nervous system function Helps in digesting the food Helps you stay hydrated Helps improve blood circulation Helps decrease detoxification systems INSTANT AND 10X MORE HOT DRINKING WATER Don’t wait for the water to heat in your RO. Get instant flow of hot and warm water as per your requirement. Livpure Zinger Copper Hot provides you with a continuous flow of hot water without any break. Just select the dispensing option and get unlimited hot or warm water. HIGHEST WATER RECOVERY Livpure is committed to protecting the environment and creating planet-friendly products. Zinger Copper Hot features the innovative HR70 technology that reduces the wastage of water and helps to save about 20,000 liters* of water every year. *Calculated assuming 20L of water (at 30°C) consumption per day household. Water-saving may vary based on actual consumption. GOODNESS OF COPPER Livpure’s Zinger Hot Water Purifier comes with a Copper 29 cartridge that works as an added layer of purification. It adds the goodness of copper and helps in improving immunity and digestion with copper-enriched water. Copper water is very much helpful in the winter season and is also recommended by doctors to drink copper enriched water. 6-STAGE FILTRATION RO 1500 TDS MEMBRANE Livpure's 1500 TDS Membrane purifies water from any source and can work up to TDS 1500 ppm. Get purified water from any source like borewell, tap, or tanker water. *Spare part cost not included NOW GET A PRODUCT DEMO VIA LIVE VIDEO CALL! Enjoy a showroom-like experience from the comfort of your house One way video for your complete privacy Book a time that works with your schedule Schedule Now PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE UP TO RS. 2000 FREE FOR 1ST YEAR Livpure Zinger Hot comes with 1 Year Warranty 2 Free Preventive Maintenance Compulsory Sediment Filter Change Compulsory Carbon Filter Change KNOW MORE ABOUT ZINGER COPPER HOT LIVPURE ADVANTAGE 1000+ Certified Engineers 19000+ Service Locations ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant
  • Bolt + (RO+UV) Water Purifier Bolt + (RO+UV) Water Purifier ₹15,205.00
    WHY BUY BOLT+ (RO+UV) ? UV Sterilization 7 Stage Filtration Storage Capacity Mineralizer In-built Pre-Filter PRODUCT SPECIAL FEATURES Highest Water Recovery Livpure’s in-house HR70 Technology helps save up to 20,000L of water every year. Not only does it filter out bacteria & viruses but also removes harmful chemicals like chlorine & fluoride present in the tap water. Advanced Purification Method Livpure's advanced seven-stage purification process cleanses the water so effectively that it is as pure as bottled mineral water or distilled water, even with a TDS level up to 2000 ppm. In-tank UV Sterilization The Bolt + Copper (RO+UV) comes with in-tank UV sterilization technology to keep your water sterilized while the water is stored in the tank. This technology guarantees bacteria removal even after the non-usage of the tank. Copper 29 Cartridge The Copper water filters add the purity of copper which in turn helps you to boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health and support healthy and glowing skin. TDS Levels up to 2000 Hard and Soft Water Source Nuclear Family Copper’s Added Level of Protection The copper cartridge adds the benefits of copper that improves the immunity of body cells with copper content in water and helps in digestion by detoxifying harmful toxins from the intestines and prevents acidity in the stomach. Essential Minerals for Healthy Living Livpure’s mineralizer adds minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium that help in boosting the immunity and also help in enhancing the taste of the water. With the addition of mineralizer, the mineral enriched water has the following benefits: Magnesium Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases Sodium Helps control blood pressure Calcium Helps maintain strong bones Potassium Helps regulate fluid balance 7-STAGE ADVANCED PURIFICATION Livpure Bolt (RO+UV) comes with an advanced 7-stage water purification process that provides you with clean and pure drinking water even from a source that gives hard water. The water purifier comes with Super Sediment Filter, PA Filter, Carbon Block Filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, Mineral Cartridge, Copper 29 Cartridge, and In-tank UV Sterilization. HR70 Technology Saves 20,000 water every year Mineralizer Ensures the right amount of essential minerals 7-Stage Purification Removes harmful elements from water Copper 29 Cartridge For an added level of purification NOW GET A PRODUCT DEMO VIA LIVE VIDEO CALL! Enjoy a showroom-like experience from the comfort of your house One way video for your complete privacy Book a time that works with your schedule Schedule Now LIVPURE ADVANTAGE 1000+ Certified Engineers 19000+ Service Locations ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant
  • Under The Counter (UTC) Neon Under The Counter (UTC) Neon ₹17,950.00
    PRODUCT SPECIAL FEATURES Under the Counter Design Saves spaces over the counter RO 2000 TDS Membrane Purifies water from any source Silver Nano Technology Prevents growth of bacteria UV Lamp Failure Alert Audio Alert for inefficient UV Lamp UNDER THE COUNTER DESIGN The compact and efficient design of the water purifier makes it easier to fit it under the sink, maintaining the beautiful look of your kitchen. Livpure Neon can be easily be attached to tap or other dispensers as well. TDS Levels up to 2000 Borewell/Tap/Tanker Source Clutter free Kitchen SILVER NANO TECHNOLOGY Livpure Neon uses silver nanoparticles that are highly toxic towards microorganisms and work as good antimicrobial agents. The nanoparticles prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that contaminate the water. PURIFIES WATER FROM ANY SOURCE Livpure Neon comes with the RO 2000 TDS Membrane that is equipped to purify water from any source like tap, under ground water or tanker water. The high quality membrane is suitable to use for water having TDS as high as 2000. PURIFICATION STAGES NOW GET A PRODUCT DEMO VIA LIVE VIDEO CALL! Enjoy a showroom-like experience from the comfort of your house One way video for your complete privacy Book a time that works with your schedule Schedule Now PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE WORTH RS. 1500 FREE FOR 1'ST YEAR Livpure Under The Counter (UTC) Neon comes with 1 Year Warranty 2 Free Preventive Maintenance Compulsory Sediment Filter Change Compulsory Carbon Filter Change LIVPURE ADVANTAGE 1000+ Certified Engineers 19000+ Service Locations ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant

Water purifiers with RO + UV + UF technologies have an advanced water filtration system where the water goes through multiple stages of purification. Firstly, all the hard substances like lead, salts, and arsenic are eliminated and then the water is softened through the other filtration stages.

You do not need to be an expert when it comes to determining drinking water quality but you need to be vigilant about the water you drink.

This beginner’s guide for using water  will cover all the basic concerns and queries like:

  1. Why is it necessary to drink filtered healthy water?
  2. What are the types of water purifiers you can use?
  3. Steps to using a water purifier correctly as a beginner.

Why is it necessary to drink filtered water?

The main reason why you should be drinking filtered water is to prevent water-related illnesses and skin problems. Elderly people, children, and infants have weaker and less developed immunity systems. Hence having a water purifier lessens the chances of them falling sick often. Untreated and unfiltered drinking water is swarmed with contaminants like lead, arsenic, chemicals let out by factories, chlorine, fluorides, viruses, and bacteria. These contaminants are responsible for the overall poor health index of the country as they cause diseases like typhoid, cholera, jaundice, skin irritability, etc. Underprivileged people living near factories and industries, especially in slums are severely affected because of contaminated water. On a relevant note, unsafe water could be deadly too, and must be treated immediately. Hence, it is wise to use a water filter that will guarantee you good quality drinking water and not put your and your family’s health at risk. Instead, you will be drinking healthy water every day.

What are the types of water purifiers you can use?

It should be noted that just one kind of water purifier does not remove all the contaminants from the water. To erase the impurities from the drinking water completely, your water purifier needs to have multiple stages of filtration. Each stage carefully helps cleanse different unwanted elements from the water. The result of this, eventually, is safe and mineral water. Do keep in mind, healthy water is a way to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the uses of a water purifier.

  1. RO or reverse osmosis technology helps remove compounds of calcium and magnesium by thus reducing the hardness of the drinking water. Not only that but RO technology also eliminates other chemicals like lead, fluorides, and arsenic present in the water. It is ideal for purifying a wide range of impurities. Ro water is the safest filtered water.
  2. UV or ultraviolet technology reduces the risks caused by viruses and bacteria present in the drinking water. Water purifiers with this kind of technology are suitable for soft water.
  3. UF or Ultrafiltration technology can remove viruses and bacteria but cannot eliminate the dissolved chemicals. It can work without electricity but cannot turn hard water into soft water. Hence, using this filter technology along with RO or UV water purifiers or both combined is highly advisable.
  4. Activated carbon filters absorb the impurities present in the drinking water and eliminate the contaminants. The mineral water filters through the carbon filter and the results are clean, chemical-free, and safe water. The pores in the filters are opened and drinking water flows through these filters. It undergoes the activated carbon process and thus reduces health risks. Not only does this pre-reverse osmosis treatment but it also eliminates unpleasant odor from the mineral water.

Following are some important steps you need to pay heed to if you are a first-time user of a water purifier:

  1. The first and most important step is to check whether your water purifier is installed correctly or not. In case you have a traditional Indian kitchen, it is suggested that you mount up the water purifier on a wall, if you have a modern kitchen then situating your water purifier on a platform level is suitable.
  2. Once you have installed the water purifier, make you inspect all the parts correctly. A water purifier is not just a made-up machine it contains many smaller parts that are vital to keeping the water purifier functioning. For more detailed information regarding the parts in the machine of the water purifier, do check out the user manual.
  3. After you are done inspecting the parts, connect the water purifier to the pipe that will be allowing the drinking water inlet as well as set up the outlet to let the rejected water flow out. This step in the procedure needs to be done with extra care as you are setting up the inlet and outlet of purified and rejected water.
  4. Make sure that the outlet water passage is placed away from the inlet drinking water passage as there are chances the rejected water may flow back into the filter which will damage the machine of the water purifier.
  5. Now that your water purifier is carefully set up, you can plug it in and let the filtration process begin to obtain safe water.
  6. It is extremely important to let the first few liters of purified drinking water flow away as the machine is new and the system needs some time to get acquainted with the flow of drinking water.
  7. The membranes of RO, UV, and UF are new and thus the first water filtered through them is not considered fit for drinking.
  8. The last step of this process is to check the level of TDS i.e., the total dissolved solids level of the mineral water. Anything below 500 ppm is fit for drinking. The TDS control feature reduces 90% of the risks present in the water making it perfectly safe and clean to consume. It is advisable to buy water purifiers that come with all three- RO, UV & UF technologies as they complement each other and deliver safe and clean drinking water.

About Livpure

Livpure brings in some of the best water purifiers that fit all the criteria for choosing the correct and suitable water purifier. Livpure brand sells the best purifier in India.

Here is a list of Livpure water purifiers that you should check out.

  1. Livpure RO + UV water purifier
  2. Livpure RO + UF water purifier
  3. Livpure RO + UV + UF water purifier
  4. Livpure Linea copper water purifier
  5. Livpure Bolt RO + UV mineraliser water purifier

These are easily available on the online Livpure store as well as other platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. To avail of the Livpure water purifier services, call on the customer care number or drop a mail.