3 Easy Home Remedies For Acidity And Gastric Problems

3 Easy Home Remedies for Acidity and Gastric Problems

Are you searching for a way to treat gastric issues? How about a remedy that can relieve acidity? Some habits may seem harmless but cause gastric problems to many people. Fast-paced routines, mindless eating, stress, and poor lifestyle choices wreak havoc on your stomach and gut health. If you’re among those people, making changes in your lifestyle can efficiently resolve the problem and help in the long run.

But before moving to those, here are the top three remedies you can try to get instant relief from indigestion.

Top 3 Remedies for Getting Relief from Acidity

If you have ever suffered from digestive problems, you know how it can ruin a perfect day. Eventually, it just makes you rethink your eating choices and repent. You’re not alone. Most foodies feel this way whenever their stomach starts acting out. But did you know you can remedy it in a jiffy?

Luckily, some home remedies for acidity and gastric problems sit in your kitchen. So, it’s time to learn about them and make this pesky acidity disappear.

1. Lemon and Ginger Tea

Sweet and spicy ginger lemon tea is one of the best remedies for acidity and gastric problems. Both lemon and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties, which support the digestive tract to function properly while soothing the system. Gingerols in ginger have healing properties that can help you get rid of various digestive and intestinal disorders.

Although lemon is naturally acidic, small and measured amounts of its juice act alkaline to the stomach when it mixes with digestive enzymes. By that account, lemon helps neutralise the acids in your stomach and stop acidity. Having lemon and ginger with healthy water will help reduce acidity symptoms, improve metabolism, and relieve pain.

Ingredients You Need?

  • 1/2 inch of ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 1 teaspoon honey

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How to Consume?

  • Get a cup of steaming hot water, add the ginger root, freshly extracted lemon juice, and ice and let them sit for 5-8 mins.
  • Now strain the water in a cup and add some honey.
  • Consume ginger lemon tea when slightly hot.

2. Buttermilk

Cold buttermilk is another excellent remedy for acidity. It contains lactic acid that helps to neutralise the acidity in the stomach. It further helps to soothe the stomach by coating the lining of the tummy and reducing irritation and acid reflux symptoms.

Besides, buttermilk is more popularly known as a natural probiotic drink with bacteria that prevent gas build-up and bloating. It not only boosts digestion but also helps in absorption and excretion.

Ingredients You Need?

  • 1 cup of buttermilk
  • Powdered fennel seeds or cumin seeds (if needed)

How to consume?

  • You can have a cup of buttermilk whenever you experience indigestion or discomfort.
  • Add a pinch of fennel or cumin powder to the buttermilk to increase its efficacy and flavour.
  • To prevent frequent bouts of acidity, make buttermilk a part of your daily meal.

3. Fennel Seeds

Acidity can cause discomfort like stomach aches, gas, etc. The anti-ulcer properties of fennel seeds calm the irritated lining of the stomach.

It also acts as an excellent soothing agent for the stomach because of the presence of a compound called Anethole. They are rich in dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, making them one of the best remedies for acidity problems. Their anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties help fight bacteria-causing gas. Even pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can eat fennel seeds to cure indigestion.

Ingredients You Need?

  • 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds
  • 1 cup of water (as required)

How to consume?

  • During the sudden bout of acidity, you can chew the fennel seeds to relieve spasms, stomach aches and acidity.
  • Or, add 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds to a cup of hot water and sip on it once it cools down.

How to Prevent Acidity and Gastric Problems in the Long Run

Although people often use medications to treat acid reflux, the above home remedies can alleviate pain and discomfort. However, to prevent this problem from frequently occurring, here are some lifestyle modifications you can try making for long-term relief.

1. Avoid Certain Foods that Cause Gastric Issues

Food items that have an excess of oil and spices are the root cause of acidity in most people. Taking a break from excessive junk foods, soft drinks, and alcohol will go a long way to curtailing any gastric-related health risks. If it’s impossible to shun them from your life entirely, moderation is the key here.

2. Increase Physical Activity

Most of the time, the sedentary lifestyle makes it difficult to digest food. Indulging in some form of daily physical exercise can lower the chances of developing a gastric problem in the long term.

3. Drink Clean and Safe Water

Avoid binge eating to get rid of gastric issues for good. However, it’s easier said than done. One easy way to dodge overeating is to drink more water for gastric problems.

Drinking enough clean and safe water from India’s best water purifier keeps you full throughout the day. Another reason behind acidity is the presence of impurities in water. Most homes in India don’t have access to soft and safe drinking water, which can irritate your stomach.

Installing a good-quality water purifier in India can help you there. You can also try getting a copper water purifier to help kill harmful bacteria in the stomach.

Bid Farewell to Acidity

While acidity is not a severe condition, it can cause other health problems in the future. When the symptoms are mild, home remedies aid in relieving the discomfort. You can also take control of gastric issues with a few lifestyle changes. However, it’s advisable to see a doctor in severe cases.

Ensure you have access to clean and healthy water for drinking and cooking. Investing in the best water purifier can solve your water-related problems and improve your stomach health. Check the price of a water purifier to get the best deals on the most innovative purifier for your digestive and gut health.

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