7 Reasons Why You Should Purchase This RO Water Machine Rather Than Others

Clean, pure water can be considered the world’s first and foremost medicine. Drinking contaminated water is directly linked to numerous health problems. These include diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis A, among others.  The existence of a water purifier is not exactly a modern invention. Mankind, through the ages, has used various techniques of water purification, from the simple use of copper, sunlight, and heat to advanced technologies such as the smart RO water purifier of contemporary times.

Why should you invest in RO purifiers compared to the others? Keep reading to find out.

1. RO Water Protects against All Kinds of Contaminants

The primary reason why people invest in the best water purifier is to have the confidence of knowing that the water is clean and free from contaminants. Municipal water consists of numerous pollutants such as chlorine, dissolved salts, bacteria and parasites, and the most deadly of all – heavy metals.

Other water purifiers, such as the ultra-violet (UV) purifier and ultrafiltration (UF) purifier, may get rid of bacteria and chlorine, but they fail to purify the water of TDS and heavy metals. This means that water is still harmful to health.

The RO purifier includes the goodness of reverse osmosis and UV and UF. So, it is capable of removing all types of contaminants. You can enjoy the water knowing that it is perfectly safe for consumption.

2. RO Water Tastes So Much Better

Water is known to be tasteless, but that is not entirely true. If you have ever consumed water that tasted chemical-like, salty, too sweet, or just odd, you know what this means.

The truth is that different contaminants alter the taste of water. For instance – heavy metals make the water taste chemical-like, TDS makes the water taste too salty, and so on. Ideally, the best water should not have a strong taste and should be satisfying to consume.

Being free from all kinds of pollutants and debris, this is precisely what RO water tastes like. While tap water or carbon-purified water may leave you thirsty still, RO water perfectly quenches thirst.

3. RO Purifiers Do Not Destroy Essential Minerals

The essential minerals debate has been an ongoing one. Water consists of various essential minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and more. These minerals, often naturally found in minute quantities, are vital for overall body health. An RO + UV water purifier only partially eliminates these minerals.

As different contaminants are removed from the water, some essential minerals may also be wiped away. However, there are two reasons why this should not worry you – such minerals in excess can also harm, and whatever is lost is compensated for through an in-built mineraliser that comes with every RO water machine.

4. RO Purifiers are Energy-Saving

Energy conservation is the outcry of the modern era. The happy news is that you won’t have to waste a lot of energy on using an RO water purifier.

This makes the system very cost-efficient. However, keep in mind that you choose a system that comes with a five-star high-grade energy rating. Moreover, properly maintaining the system through regular cleaning of the carbon core, filter, and membrane will further enhance its energy efficiency.

5. Ro Water Has Undergone Seven Stages of Purification

The best RO purifier is one which filters water through multiple stages, and there are usually seven. Each stage is designed to remove a different kind of contaminant from the water until the final output is safe and pure drinking water.

This process is highly intensive and, in some cases, may also be customised as per your water requirements. Not only that, but an RO purifier is also available in different capacities to ensure you never run out of clean drinking water, even if yours is a joint family.

Keep in mind that the price of the RO purifier will vary accordingly. Finally, if the water limit is reached or the purifier is experiencing some glitches, the system will notify you about the same.

6. RO Purifiers are Low-Maintenance

Another significant benefit of an RO water purifier is that it is easy to maintain. While you must dust or clean the external system with a clean cloth every day or every other day, the internal components must also be thoroughly checked regularly.

The checking and replacement process is usually carried out by the experts from whom you purchase the water purifier. It is best to opt for a thorough check once every six months. The professionals will suggest a replacement if some part shows signs of dysfunction. On average, your RO system can easily last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

7. Water Wastage Can be Kept at a Minimal

Some complain about the RO water machine leaving behind residual water, which gets wasted. If a waste, this can be a tremendous loss because, for every 1000 ml that is filtered through the RO system, nearly 650 ml is waste.

Thankfully, that need not be the case. How? You can put this residual water to good use. Some top uses include watering your garden plants, washing your car, and even washing clothes. However, in each case, you can first run a test to see if the water is not causing any damage. For instance – some plants may not survive, or the clothes may develop lint.

If all else fails, use the water to clean the toilet! In any case, it won’t go to waste.

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