How Does RO Work The Ultimate Guide

How Does RO Work? The Ultimate Guide

A machine that has changed the face of all water filtration methods on earth, reverse osmosis (RO), generates clean and pure-tasting water. It is famous for being the most popular and cost-effective water filtration equipment.

RO water purifier systems are used in a wide variety of applications. A few uses of RO water are whole house filtrations, aquariums, faucets and restaurants. Before we dive into details, let’s see how the RO purifiers work.

How does RO work?

The working of the RO filter is simple. The water is pushed in and forced across a semi-permeable membrane while the contaminants are left behind in the drain, and the healthy water gets collected and stored in a holding tank.

Basically, the RO separates chlorine from water using a filter, which sends water through a semi-permeable membrane to get rid of the dissolved solids. After exiting the RO membrane, it is passed through a postfilter to add polish to the water before storing it in the holding tank. ROs are of several different types depending on the number of paper filters and post-filters.

Different stages of RO systems

The focal point of the Reverse Osmosis system is its RO membrane, but RO systems also have other types of filtrations. Depending on their price and quality, they are made up of 3, 4 or 5 stages. They have one or more of these below-mentioned filters:

  1. Sediment filter – Reduces Dirt, Dust and Rust particles.
  2. Carbon filter – Decreases the amount of volatile organic compounds such as chlorine and other substances that give the water a sour taste and smell.
  3. Semi-permeable membrane: Removes almost 98% of the dissolved solids in the water.

A Step-by-step water filtration breakdown

  1. After entering the RO system, the water goes through prefiltration first, which includes carbon and a sediment filter to remove the sediments and chlorine that may damage the entire RO membrane.
  2. Then the water goes through the RO membrane, where the tiniest dissolved particles are removed.
  3. Once that is done, the water flows into the storage tank, where it is kept until needed for consumption. The RO system filters water until the storage tank is full and stops automatically.
  4. On turning on the drinking water faucet, the water comes out of the storage tank. It passes through another postfilter to polish the drinking water before it gets into the tap.

Now that you understand the basics of a RO purifier, let’s look at some of the benefits it provides.

Benefits of RO systems

It is, without a doubt, one of the most extensive filtration methods. Removing 98% of the dissolved solids makes it much healthier water to drink. The water distiller is the closest thing to a RO that reduces dissolved solids, but it is far less efficient than a RO system.

It helps reduce harmful dissolved contaminants, reduces sodium content, and removes water’s bad taste and smell. It is more environmentally friendly than bottled mineral water. It offers easy installation and maintenance and can easily fit under the kitchen sink.

RO water purifier produces healthy and great-tasting water. They are effortless to install, cheaper than a water delivery service, and fully automated.

Is any water wasted when using a reverse osmosis system?

It does give out wastewater in which rejected contaminants are mixed with it.

As the water flows through the RO system, it is separated into two streams, one carrying the filtered water to the faucet and the other stream has removed salts, dissolved pollutants and certain minerals to the drain.

You can reduce the wastage of water through the following steps:-

  1. Simply adding a premature pump to the RO system is the best way to improve its efficiency. They help reduce wastewater by 75-80%, but you need to remember that not all RO purifiers can be equipped with such equipment.
  2. Buy a RO system with an automatic shut-off valve, and the valve stops the flow of water to the drain once the storage tank gets full.
  3. Using the water rejected by the RO system for artificial lakes or landscaping, even with the contents of total dissolved solids, they are suitable for watering garden plants.

RO water vs bottled water

Most of the bottled mineral water we buy is also purified using the same methods as RO, but it wastes much more water than RO does.

Water Purifier

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The amount of water needed to make that one bottle of water is more than the contents of the bottle. The bottles are made of plastic and petroleum, so the ultimate difference is that bottled water significantly affects the environment, whereas RO water does not.

Where to place an RO purifier?

There are several places and uses for water purifiers:

  1. The RO water purifiers are usually installed where they are commonly used, like a kitchen sink.
  2. Many prefer connecting the RO system directly to their refrigerator, which is simple, and will make your ice and beverages much more refreshing.
  3. If you get your drinking water from a well, installing RO is the best way to ensure you get clean and safe drinking water.
  4. Business places and offices are familiar places for RO systems.
  5. For someone on the move regularly, clean drinking water is necessary. Therefore installing RO in your RV is a good idea.

A walk through the Livpure way

Clean and safe drinking water is a severe problem in many parts of India. Therefore, the Livpure water water filtration purifier comes to you at better and more flexible prices.

Livpure RO brings clean and safe drinking water based on our needs and requirements. Spreading water awareness in the country is of the utmost importance. Livpure purifiers ensure that it happens. This is a prime time for everyone to consider the water problem seriously and focus on their health through a clean and affordable source of water.