The Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Water Purifiers

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Using Water Purifiers

The RO water purifier runs on a multi-stage filtration process involving a thin membrane that removes all kinds of impurities, such as salts, heavy metals, chemicals, and more. Once the contaminated water is filtered, the in-built mineralizer enriches it with essential minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and more.

The pure water flows through the tap, whereas the residual wastewater flows through the outlet pipe. Proper use of the purifier can extend its optimal function to five to six years before you start noticing the first signs of wear and tear, which calls for service.

This guide will help beginners to understand how to use water purifier RO.

1. Start with Proper Installation

The first important step in the complete beginner’s guide to using water purifiers is to start with the correct installation. This will ensure you enjoy clean and safe water throughout the year.

For instance – if yours is a traditional Indian kitchen, have the purifier for RO water mounted on the wall for convenience. However, in the case of modular kitchens, the same can even be installed under the counter.

The place of the purifier is essential because it needs a normal temperature to function well throughout the year. If the place of installation is high in moisture, the water may freeze during the chilly months.

2. Maintain Optimal Water Pressure

One crucial part of the purifier RO is its membrane which should not be damaged at all costs. Even the best water purifier will only function optimally if proper water pressure is maintained.

Water Purifier

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The RO membrane will be damaged if the water pressure is too high. So, before installing the water purifier, check the inlet water pressure to avoid membrane damage or ask the installation experts to do the same.

3. Sanitise and Clean the Purifier Regularly

Another critical point in the guide to using a water purifier includes cleaning it regularly. Though RO water purifiers are generally low-maintenance, you should clean the exterior every day or every other day to ensure dust particles that settle down do not get into your water.

Not just that, it is also essential that the insides are thoroughly cleaned once every six months or a year. This will usually come under professional services. Neglecting this area can make even the best purifier in India die prematurely.

Moreover, it would be best to sanitise the purifier to avoid spreading infections.

4. Change the RO Filters Periodically

RO membranes are the most critical part of the purifiers, which do most of the heavy work on a daily basis. This is what makes them prone to damage. It is important that you change the RO membrane regularly.

Ideally, RO filters should be replaced once a year. However, watch out for signs that indicate your RO filters need immediate replacement. These could include the purified water appearing cloudy, a gradual decrease in water pressure, and there is turbidity, or the water suddenly starts tasting bad, among others.

Ignoring such signs can compromise the drinking water quality.

5. Don’t Let the Residual Water Be Wasted

From the water purifier’s perspective, the residual water is indeed waste. For every 1000 ml that is purified, nearly 650 ml is released as waste. However, you can use it wisely.

Instead, keep the outlet pipe, so the water flows into a spare tub or tank. Collect this water and use it for several purposes – gardening, washing the car or clothes, washing utensils, flushing or cleaning the toilet, etc.

In each case, a test run is important. This is because the residual water may do more harm than good in some cases. For instance – some plants may not survive this mineral water, your car’s paint may start coming off, or the clothes may develop lint. In any case, you can make the most of this water by using it to clean toilets.

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

As important as it is to know the uses of water purifier, it is equally important to be aware of proper maintenance. To this end, here are a few additional tips to keep in mind –

  • Read the owner’s manual thoroughly, as it has detailed instructions on the proper use and maintenance of the purifier.
  • Ensure you use proper body cover to keep the purifier clean daily.
  • All filters may need replacement at most every 12 months. However, leakages, drips, or filter wear and tear signs can start appearing anywhere between six and nine months. So, keep an eye out for them.
  • Replace the purifier’s semi-permeable membrane once every two to three years.
  • Inspect the pressure nozzle and water tank frequently for any signs of reduced water pressure.
  • Contact your water purifier installation experts once it’s time for an annual maintenance check. They can spot even subtle damage in advance and apply the required remedy to avoid further damage.

By religiously following the tips mentioned above, you can easily make your RO purifier last for a good 10 to 15 years. However, the RO purification system’s lifespan also depends upon the quality of its components.

Also, the life of the RO system again depends upon the cleanliness of the water filtered through it. So, it is more of a cycle, so it is important to ensure proper use and maintenance.

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